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Please Note: You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to access most of our forms. Download the free software now (available for MAC and PC) if you don't already have it by clicking the button below:

If you prefer, we can send you hardcopies of our forms. Please email your request and include the credit union or employee assistance program who referred you to our site.


Main Worksheets  
Early Delinquency Intervention:
Saving Your Home from Foreclosure

This booklet is designed to provide homeowners with information on how they might avoid losing their homes through the foreclosure process.
Client Worksheet
To design the most effective plan for becoming debt free, your counselor will need to know your monthly income and living expenses as well as how much you owe to each of your creditors.
Budgeting Worksheets  
Money Management Planner
Download our budgeting tool to see if you're right on track or if you'll need to increase your income or decrease your expenses in order to save enough.
Spending and Savings
This worksheet will give you a good idea of your cash flow today and help you prioritize expenses and plan for saving.
How Much Mortage Could You Qualify For?
Would you like to become a homeowner but aren’t sure of the mortgage you might qualify for? This worksheet will give you an estimate of the home loan amount that is right for you.

Expense Tracking
How much did you spend on groceries last month? What about gas or entertainment? Use this form to track your weekly and monthly expenses – it will help you create a realistic savings and spending plan.
Financial Goals
Deciding on financial goals is important. Complete this worksheet to know what it will take to achieve them in your desired timeframe.
Unsecured Debt
How much do you owe and to whom? With this form you can list all your creditors with their interest rates and payment amounts. It’s a great tool for effective debt repayment.
Fritter Finder
Ever wonder where all your money goes? For at least one week, track every cent you spend. At the end of the week, you'll see just where those extra dollars could be hiding.
Net Worth
Do you own more than you owe – or the opposite? Complete this simple worksheet to find out! Knowing your net worth is enlightening and motivating.
Other Forms  
Media Relations Contact Form
The Housing Education Program and CCCS are looking for clients who are willing to be interviewed by the media. (Secure HTML)


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